Wednesday, 5 September 2007

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Welcome to the Optical-Edge Forums Blog so if your after some help with your PC from hardware to software or if you just fancy a chat about the latest games, movies, music you know where to head Optical-Edge Forums

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Software Talk be it windows 89 XP or Vista or the latest DVD backup software from the likes of Slysoft and DVD Rebuilder even find help with converting AVIs to DVD, so post you problems or even help others
Maybe you need help with spyware infecting your PC or the latest Drivers for you hardware I'm sure your find someone who can help or needs help :)



Hardware from graphics cards to hard drives we have the info at hand to make sure you don't make the mistake of buying the wrong hardware for your PC
So if it's a new CPU, hard drive, memory or just about anything we have the info so you can beat the best at gaming or just need the speed for your converting needs from divx, vxvid or just what a PC for the web


Tuesday, 4 September 2007


Photography be it Canon, Fuji, Sony or even your new phone which takes great pics these days find members' photos and tips on taking great shots in any situation from landscapes, people or just about anything
You will find members with a wide selection of cameras from the latest digital Canon SLRs to compact Fuji and Sonys your even find members with the odd camera from the Soviet Union like the Zenit TTL so lets see those shots :)


Web Design

Web Design thinking of building a home page or just want tips for blogger and myspace as you want that right look to bring your site to life by getting that layout just right I'm sure someone can help with a bit of loving HTML or just want a little help with a WYSIWYG which in mins you can have a simple site up and running



Graphics fire up photoshop and show us what you can do with your brushes and that creative mind
Got a forum sig you want to show off or need tips on making one don't just be black and white come find some colour with OE


Games fancy a wii "couldn't help myself" and zelda is making you howl like a wolf and need help to crack that one level which is driving you up the wall I'm sure someone can sell you something in the shop just up the high road No 11 Hyrule St
Have a new Ds-lite or Psp and not sure what games to buy you will find members who own them and have played most games out
Fancy a match up on the Xbox 360 or if you have to much money tell us about the PS3 and what games are rocking your boat



Music Talk well Amy Whitehouse went to rehab come talk about it so you don't have to so be it soul, rock, hip hop, the UK sound or any tune which is playing in your head come tell us about it and give us a review so we don't waste or money down are local Our Price
Find some of the latest tunes and videos and a few which when they were first out went under the radar and shouldn't be missed second time around


Movies the old black and white movies were the best "no they're not" i think all the new CGI brings a movie to life which could never be done in the days of black and white "well" at least the old movies had a story unlike today
"shut it!!!!!"
We don't care if it is black and white CGI or any type of movie it's if you like it that's what counts so bring the popcorn and a giant bag of pic & mix and tell us whats hot on the big screen


Humor Vault

Humor Vault everyone loves to laugh so let me tell you one

Buttercup and Daisy were chatting as they chewed the cud."'Ere, have you heard about this mad-cow disease?""Yes, sounds nasty.""I'm glad I'm a chicken."
You think that one's bad you should read the ones others have posted :)